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Chevrolet 283cid Nostalgic Performance Engine
SOLD-Houston, TX

The perfect performance engine for your classic hot rod!

This engine has been machined, assembled and run in-house and includes the following:

  • -  OEM GM 283cid engine block:  professionally cleaned & magnetic particle inspected
  • -  Cylinders have been bored and plateau honed .040"
  • -  OEM GM forged crankshaft .010"/.010"
  • -  Keith Black hypereutectic pistons & molly piston rings
  • -  Eagle aftermarket connecting rods
  • -  Clevite main and connecting rod bearings
  • - OEM GM 327cid camel-hump cylinder heads:  machined and assembled with performance valves and valve springs
  • -  Edelbrock aluminum six pack intake manifold
  • -  (3) 2-barrel Rochester carburetors with progressive linkage
  • -  Comp Cams camshaft 12-238-2
  • -  Comp Cams push rods and rocker arms
  • -  Melling HV oil pump
  • -  Pertronix Flame Thrower coil and distributor
  • -  Seamless double-roller street & strip timing chain and gears
  • -  Nostalgic rams horn exhaust manifolds
  • -  Vintage style finned aluminum valve covers
  • -  Engine Pro balancer
  • -  Aftermarket timing cover and oil pan
  • -  High temperature GM orange engine enamel & brass   freeze plugs

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GM 350cid/383cid 4-bolt Machined Engine Block



The perfect block for your next performance engine.

OEM GM 350cid Engine Block (1-pc & 2pc rear seal *please check for availability/Professionally Hot Tanked, Power Washed, Wire Brushed & Cleaned/Magnetic Particle Inspected/All Holes Have Been Tapped/Oil Galley Plugs Have Been Repalced and Front Holes Tapped To Accept Pipe Plugs/Cylinders Have Been Bored and Plateau Honed Oversize (.030"-.040"-.060" *please check on availability/Cylinder Decks Have Been Resurfaced & Squared to the Crankshaft/Main Journals Have Been Align Honed/Hand-Clearanced to Accept a 383cid Stroker Rotating Assembly/Honed Lifter Holes/Brass Freeze Plugs & Camshaft Bearings Have Been Installed/Camshaft Has Been Test Fit/ARP Performance Main Bolts are Included and Already Torqued to Caps

This machined engine block is ready to hit the engine stand right out of the crate.

Also available with our 383cid engine kit which includes the rotating assembly, gaskets, oil pump, lifters and aluminum performance cylinder heads

Have us build the short-block for you.

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EAM 383cid Engine Kit


*Good To 500HP+*

Kit Includes:  383cid rotating assembly (unbalanced) with flat-top hypereutectic pistons & piston rings, Scat connecting rods & Eagle crankshaft/Comp Cams Street & Strip camshaft & lifters/Clevite main and connecting rod bearings/Melling HV oil pump/Fel Pro gaskets/Aluminum cylinder heads machined in-house (cbn resurfaced/performance intake & exhaust valves 2.020" & 1.600"/performance valve springs, retainers & keys/rocker arm studs & guide plates/teflon performance valve seals/engraved/assembled complete)

*Add $225.00 for computer-balancing the rotating assembly

*Purchase this along with one of our machined engine blocks or have us assemble your short-block for you

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Dart SHP GM After-Market Performance Engine Block
$1,425.00 unmachined / $1,725.00 machined & ready to assemble


An affordable option for your larger horsepower performance engine builds.

The Dart SHP:  4-bolt main caps/1 or 2 piece rear seal/4.000" or 4.125" unfinished bore dimension/4.165" max bore & 3.750" stroke/Priority main oiling system/factory cast & clearanced for stroker rotating assemblies/Can be built to 434cid

*Contact us about emailing you a Dart SHP specifications sheet

*Ford SHP After-Market Blocks Also Available...Contact us for pricing

*Have us build you Dart SHP performance short-block or complete engine...Contact us for pricing

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