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Today's machine shop and parts technology provides the restorer with the opportunity to incorporate quality and reliability into their projects that wasn't available when these were first manufactured. Join the many others that have chosen Eastwoods for their restoration projects. Whether yours is a muscle car, classic automobile or antique tractor we understand the time, effort and expense that these "labors of love" demand and are committed to providing the highest quality machine shop services possible.

• Cleaning away years of rust, dirt and grime is especially important with a restoration project. Eastwoods makes use of hot tanking, power washing, wire brushing, wire wheeling and glass beading to get the job done. Once parts are cleaned, they can be measured and inspected. Cylinder heads and engine blocks are inspected for cracks by using either magnetic particle inspection, dye check or pressure testing.

• Many repairs and modifications can be made to save valuable and hard to find engine components. Eastwoods offers in-house aluminum welding services and has the ability to fabricate parts on our CNC Bridgeport. Cracked cast iron engine blocks and cylinder heads can also be sent out for cold stitch repair. Cylinders can be replaced with the installation of repair sleeves which can then be bored and finished to size.

• Eastwoods offers complete cylinder head services including the installation of hardened exhaust seats to make older heads better able to use today's unleaded fuels. Reconditioning a cylinder head may include cleaning, replacing valve guides and valve seats, a 3-angle valve job and cbn resurfacing.

• By weight-matching and computer balancing the rotating assembly an older engine runs much smoother and more efficiently than it did when it was first manufactured.

• Eastwoods offers in-house crankshaft grinding and micro-polishing.

• The VB160SF machining center not only allows us the ability to machine cylinder decks and bores in a single setup but it also allows us the ability to true the decks to the crankshaft and precisely machine deck heights in order to achieve desired compression ratios.

• Our engines are professionally assembled and can be run and tuned on the two run stands in the shop. This insures that turn-key engines can be installed with complete confidence and are ready to perform reliably and be enjoyed for many generations to come.

• Contact us about domestic and international shipping.

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