engine blocks

The engine block is where your build begins. Precisely machined dimensions are necessary in order to achieve critical clearances on main journals, engine decks and cylinder bores. Eastwoods Auto Machine offers complete engine block machining services.

Some of our engine block services include:

  • cleaning services such as hot tanking, glass beading, wire brushing and power washing
  • crack detection including magnetic particle inspection, pressure-testing and dye check
  • engine block measurement, inspection and analysis
  • cylinder deck resurfacing and squaring on a VBl60SF machining center
  • precision cylinder boring on a VB160SF machining center
  • plateau honing process for superior cylinder wall finish
  • installation of cylinder repair sleeves
  • align honing of main journals for proper bearing clearance
  • complete engine block prep services including the installation of camshaft bearings, freeze plugs, oil gallery plugs and high temperature engine enamels
  • crating and shipping services available

cylinder head

An engine's level of performance is directly related to the cylinder head(s). Newer cylinder heads demand a greater degree of technical expertise and better machining methods and materials now allow older heads to be restored to "better-than-new" condition. Eastwoods Auto Machine offers complete cylinder head services.

Some of our cylinder head services include:

  • cleaning services such as hot tanking, glass beading, wire brushing and power washing
  • crack detection including magnetic particle inspection, pressure-testing and dye check
  • cylinder head measurement inspection and analysis
  • installation of replacement valve seats and valve guides
  • aluminum weld repair for damaged castings
  • 3-angle valve job for ideal valve performance
  • gasket-matching as well as parting and polishing
  • resurfacing using cbn technology in order to insure a superior gasket finish now required for multi-layered steel gaskets
  • installation of threaded repair inserts for broken bolts, studs and damaged spark plug holes
  • cylinder head assembly where valves are lapped, valve stem and valve spring heights are measured and set, replacement seals are installed and valve clearances are set


The rotating assembly is made up of the crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons and is responsible for the production of the engine's power. It's performance and reliability are dependent on precision machine work and meticulous assembly. Eastwoods Auto Machine offers complete rotating assembly services.

Some of our rotating assembly services include:

  • cleaning services such as hot tanking, wire brushing and power washing
  • crankshaft measurement, inspection and analysis
  • crankshaft grinding and micropolishing in order to provide a superior surface finish
  • connecting rod reconditioning which insures proper bearing clearances
  • computer balancing which includes component weight-matching and the installation of bobweights that simulate the assembly's influence on the rotating crankshaft
  • installation of pistons to their connecting rods and piston rings to their pistons
  • flywheel resurfacing and ring gear replacement


It's the "other" shop services that sets Eastwoods apart and makes us a better and more complete choice for the customer. A part that has been machined in our shop can be installed with the confidence that it will perform reliably for many years to come.

Some of our other shop services include:

  • AERA (Engine Rebuilders Association) PROSIS engine specifications computer software which provides us with machining data, technical bulletins and drawings as well as the ability to search manufacturers' casting numbers
  • computer software used to calculate compression ratios as well as to simulate dynamometer runs for performance applications. A plan can then be developed for each project that takes into account the machine work and parts necessary to work within the customer's budget and achieve the desired end result
  • a cnc (computer controlled) Bridgeport used in conjunction with CAD/CAM computer software to custom engrave items such as valve covers and fabricate components such as import performance cylinder braces
  • two engine runstands that allow us the ability to run, break-in, tune and inspect our engines before shipping to the customer for installation
  • aluminum welding used to repair and fabricate components in-house
  • both small and large hydraulic presses used to disassemble and install parts such as bearings, shafts and bushings
  • the use of aircraft grade size blocks for setting our tooling and measuring devices in order to achieve the most accurate machining results
  • both domestic and International crating and shipping
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence

Member of AERA

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